Service Learning

    Service Learning and School Garden Program began in Kamuli District of Uganda in 2006. It is an essential component of our efforts to Develop the Next Generation of Change Agents for rural Uganda. It brings together undergraduate students from ISU and Makerere University for five weeks of intercultural immersion. Since 2006 84 students and 8 faculty from ISU and MAK participated directly in the service-learning program.
   The Program provides both university students and pupils from the primary school opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences. Experimental learning is the main approach of service learning adopted by the project, with participants "learning by doing" at the same time providing a service to the community through the schools with both in equal balance (service + learning). Both ISU and Makerere students contribute to a development project whether it is teaching, school garden work, or team projects and VEDCO work. They function as a bi-national team and transform personal perspectives and learn technical, personal, and life skills while participating in the program.

   The Goals of the CSRL Service Learning school garden program are to help establish school gardens as out door learning labs that produce supplements for school lunches and help the school children transfer their knowledge and skills to their home gardens and families. The program has attracted the attention of the best undergraduate students in agriculturally related fields at Iowa State and Makerere Universities. Each many more students apply then can be accommodated.

The 2010 Student Service Learning Team including students from Iowa State
and Makerere Universities.

"The Uganda Service-Learning Program opened my eyes to the world of NGO work. I have read about so many NGO-related programs in developing countries, but have never gotten to experience life on the ground. It was a wonderful experience and I feel very privileged to have worked with such an organization that is so interested in its community. This program has helped me shape my career aspirations in sustainable development. The bi-national aspect also gave me insight to a beautiful culture by bonding with my peers on the other side of the globe. I have friends I will never lose, thanks to this program."
--Katherine Taylor


"The people that I met in Uganda inspired me to continue to be involved with development projects and pursue a career in agricultural development."
--Ellen Franzenburg

"The service learning trip to Uganda provided me the opportunity to expand my horizons and experience first hand the triumphs and hardships of international, rural development."
--Jacob Hunter

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"The Uganda Service-Learning Program was an amazing experience. It has helped define/orient my educational and professional goals, as well as sparked a deep interest in cultures different then my own. I hope to return to the Kamuli district one day and continue to work with the Ugandan people."
--Sean Lundy

To Learn more see these documentaries, "Transforming the World - School Garden Service Learning Program" and "Together - An African Success"

   Two documentaries we made to help audiences understand why Iowa State University is involved in Africa. They also described the primary CSRL program objectives, partnerships, impacts and hopes for the future. The titles of the documentaries are "Transforming the World - School Garden Service Learning Program" which is a seven minute documentary and "Together - An African Success" which is a twenty seven minute documentary.

CSRL's Service Learning Program is more than an opportunity to study abroad:
  • Engages students in a different style of agriculture.
  • Enables students to construct research projects.
  • Fosters diversity through multicultural teamwork.

To learn more about the Service Learning Program visit Establish and Grow's website.